Stillhouse Press Publishes Two November Titles: T.N. Eyer’s “Finding Meaning in the Age of Immortality” and Josh Denslow’s “Super Normal”

by Esther Goldberg

Stillhouse Press Publishes Two November Titles: T.N. Eyer’s “Finding Meaning in the Age of Immortality” and Josh Denslow’s “Super Normal”
T.N. Eyer’s "Finding Meaning in the Age of Immortality" and Josh Denslow’s "Super Normal"

Stillhouse Press launches their November with two new novels, T.N. Eyer’s Finding Meaning in the Age of Immortality and Josh Denslow’s Super Normal, to be released on the 7th of this month. These publications represent the first novels and the first works of speculative fiction published by Stillhouse Press, an independent teaching press staffed by students and alumni of George Mason University's graduate and undergraduate creative writing programs and affiliated with Mason’s Watershed Lit: Center for Literary Engagement and Publishing Practice

Described by Brad Felver, author of The Dogs of Detroit as "a startling debut from an uncompromising new voice," Finding Meaning in the Age of Immortality is the story of a troubled near future in which the secret of immortality has been unlocked—at a steep and terrible price. The novel focuses on two families: the Hudsons, once homeless, who now swap their blood for food, shelter, and the dream of a better life, and the Davenports, who turn on each other over an inheritance large enough to secure immortality for only one of them. 

T.N. Eyer became a novelist after her graduation from Yale Law School and time in London and Los Angeles as a practicing corporate lawyer, an interlude during which she managed to write and place several speculative short stories in literary journals. Now living in Pittsburgh with her husband and young daughter, she describes herself as "a lover of unnaturally hot showers, Dance Dance Revolution, and rhubarb pie." Finding Meaning in the Age of Immortality is her debut novel.

Josh Denslow’s Super Normal, described by Megan Giddings, author of The Women Could Fly, as “a novel that is one third superhero story, one third contemporary bildungsroman, and one third prickly rose bush,” navigates the intersections between grief, love, family, and acceptance, integrating magical elements into the mix. Edited by author and Mason MFA alumna Carol Mitchell, Super Normal seeks to surprise and delight readers in new and inspiring ways. As they grapple with unemployment, their mother's terminal illness, and their father's death, Beth, Taylor, and Denise find themselves back in their childhood home after years of separation. When a precocious sixth grader discovers Denise's superpower and then goes missing, it's up to these three floundering siblings to bring him home. Their unique abilities have never helped them before—can they make a difference now?  

“Josh Denslow has done something remarkable here,” stated Matthew Salesses, author of The Sense of Wonder. “Super Normal is a beautiful novel about what it takes to love and accept ourselves and each other, written with real care and big-heartedness and attention to what makes us human.”            

Josh Denslow is the author of the collection Not Everyone is Special. He currently lives in Barcelona with wife, three boys, mother-in-law, four cats, a dog, hundreds of books, and an electronic drum kit.

Stillhouse Press is George Mason University’s teaching press, one of the few literary presses in the country designed to give students the keys to the publishing house, offering experiential education in the field of publishing to undergraduate and graduate students alike. Finding Meaning in the Age of Immortality and Super Normal are available for preorder here